Hardwood Stairs - Hardwood Staircase Renovation

Hardwood Stairs - Hardwood Staircase Renovation


Hardwood Stairs and Staircase Construction and Renovation!

Facelift Stairs are the first company to develop an all new system for constructing and installing hardwood staircases. An elegant, craftsman made staircase gives a good first impression of any house and it needn't cost the earth!

Facelift Stairs have developed a system to overlay (or clad) your old staircase with a brand new Hardwood or Softwood bespoke staircase. Below is a list of the advantages to this system:

  • Reduced Cost - this method is over 30% cheaper to do
  • No Need For Re plastering - your old staircase is left in place
  • No Need to Re-decorate your entire hallway
  • No requirement to rip out your old staircase
  • Nowhere near the disruption and dust as traditional rip out and install methods
  • If is much quicker

Shown below is a step by step illustration of how we can renovate your staircase:

Step 1:

We visit your home or office to show you material samples,measure your stairs and give you an estimated cost.

Step 1 Old Stairs

Step 2:

Once work begins there is a possibility we may need to make some onsite alterations to your existing staircase to create your new design and to ensure your new staircase fits perfectly.

Step 2

Step 3:

If we have turned your staircase into an 'open staircase' there is a possibility we need to reinforce the stairs. This process is done before any other as quality and safety is the main issue at this stage.

Step 3 Secure Stairs

Step 4:

You can see from the picture that the stairs are starting to take shape, the next process is fitting the stringers (the side panels) and the Rises with your chosen Material as can be seen in this picture.

This gives an indication of how the staircase will eventually look once completed.

Step 4 Fitting Stringers

Step 5:

The next part of the process is fitting of the Treads and Noses (the part of the stair you actually stand on).

Step 5 Fitting Tread and Nose

Step 6:

The staircase is beaded and professionally polished to create the required effect.

Step 6 The Finished Product

Design and Detail:

We can design and build your staircase to your exact specification using any soft or hardwood your require.

Design To Detail


Each staircase is handmade in our workshop. After a site visit to take down your requirements we begin hand building your staircase. Our Skilled craftsmen have refined each element and have a passion for quality in each and every staircase, resulting in the finest staircase meeting the highest standards. Our quality, custom designed staircases are fully dry-assembled at the work shop, ready for installation on site, saving time and money. Once complete the staircase is brought to site where it is carefully re-assembled.


Choose from our wide range of hardwoods
Bespoke Construction - made to measure

No need for this - we reduce the mess usually associated.
Save 30% over traditional techniques..

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